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Why Grace

Because it’s simple, natural goodness. Our products are unmolested by chemicals and additives. We blend the best ingredients and to the greatest extent possible, we leave them alone. What makes them great, nature has provided.


Grace Gives Back
Grace (noun): Favor or goodwill. A portion of our proceeds is gifted to a new cause each month. Ask us who we are sharing grace with this month.

Just say no. We do. We use absolutely NO:
Parabens, Petro-Chemicals, Phthalates, Sulfates, Artificial Preservatives, Artificial Dyes, Synthetic fragrance, Meanness, Arrogance Or, anything knowingly harmful!

Our Story

A letter from Grace

branch kids
A mother shares...

Necessity is truly the mother of invention. Luckily, I didn’t have to invent anything. Mother Nature did the hard work. All this mother had to do was mix up the natural goodness that Mother Nature graciously provides.

When my first child was born I wanted to ensure that anything that came into contact with his skin was not only harmless but also beneficial. To my surprise, fulfilling this simple need was everything but simple. Price wasn’t the issue. No amount of money could buy the level of natural goodness I demanded for my son and for my family. So, I turned to Mother Nature.

Being forced to rely on nature is what brought me to Grace. Grace is not a product. It is a state of being. It is knowing beyond any doubt what you will and won’t accept as good for you and yours. That’s not a marketing statement. It is the truth of my journey. Grace is an answer to so much of what the world offers us that we simply don’t need.


Getting to the point of offering Grace to the world required hours and hours of experimentation and yes, even a few tears. I learned I am uniquely gifted to do what I am doing with Grace. Thank God for building in me a passion to do this.

As long as I find needs for healthy alternatives to quench and replenish the natural wonder that is the human body, I will turn to Mother Nature to provide it. When I know this is just right for me and my family, I will know it’s right for you and yours.


This mother shares…it’s my nature.

Tempal Grace

Chief Honest Stuff Maker

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Questions? Comments? Concerns?

We'd love to hear from you – about anything. The more we know, the better we can be... for you and for each other. Grace is a state of being. Inherently, this is a journey. How far we go hinges on people like you walking with us every step of the way. Talk to us. We listen.