The Reason Why My Oil Cleanser, CLEAN, Is My Top Selling Product

Aug 10 2014

The Reason Why My Oil Cleanser, CLEAN, Is My Top Selling ProductThe Oil Cleansing Method has been around for some time, but most people look right over the idea of cleansing with oil. Something about rubbing oil over your face to combat oil just doesn’t make sense.

Give me a minute to make sense of this for you.

Modern day society has taught us that soap equals clean. We feel clean when we see the suds building up on our hands, face and hair. While soap is a wonderful thing to combat germs… it isn’t so wonderful for your face. There are many reasons for that; the main one being, soap and detergents are way too harsh for your face. Most facial cleansers strip the skin so clean that our bodes immune systems notice the unnatural stripping of oils leading to an immune system response. This causes our bodies to produce even more oil making it nearly impossible to find balance. Those of you with oily skin have most likely struggled greatly with this; trying many cleansers to combat your oily skin. The reality is… you are making it worse.

Allow me to teach you…

Water does not dissolve oil. Oil dissolves oil. Like attracts like. But that is still not the secret. The secret is Castor oil. Castor oil is a natural decongestant for skin. It acts as a magnet, pulling impurities from deep within your pores. Castor oil is much too intense and thick to be used directly on the face… so there must be a carrier oil. I use organic sunflower oil to act as a carrier for the castor.

When I first created CLEAN, It took several attempts to get the right combination of carrier oil and castor oil. Even after I got it right, it still wasn’t right. I played with several different essential oils trying to find the right scent for the cleanser. I realized that even though the cleanser was doing its job, it had to smell magnificent to ease the misconception that applying oil to the skin wasn’t refreshing. After lots of trial and error, I found it, lavender and mint. The combination is invigorating. The soothing scent of lavender (along with it’s antibacterial and anti fungal properties) in conjunction with refreshing mint is absolutely fantastic.

Not to my surprise, once people started trying CLEAN, it quickly became my top selling product. The price point of $18 makes it affordable and as all Grace products, a little goes a long way. There are zero fillers, CLEAN is 100% certified organic oils.

This is completely different from your typical facial cleanser, so be sure to read the bottle. It’s very simple.

1. Do not wet your face. Instead, turn your water on and let it warm up. Have a wash cloth handy.

2. Apply CLEAN with your fingertips, massaging into your skin in a circular motion.
If you are wearing eye make up, apply to your eyes last.

3. Run hot water over your wash cloth. Squeeze water out and lay the cloth over your face, allowing steam to work in your favor.

4. Wipe CLEAN from your face with wash cloth.

I usually re-wet my cloth a second time and wipe again.

There you have it. Your face will be clean and refreshed; finally giving you that perfect balance. CLEAN is a deep cleaning on your pores, so be prepared for many impurities to make their way to the surface. Allow for an adjustment period of 2 or 3 weeks.

Peace, Love and GRACE!

Tempal Grace