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GraceBath BoxTM

spa grade | whole being bathing

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Start with running a warm bath. Add DeadToLife Salt Therapy. Slip in, unwind + breath in the aroma. Evoke the connection of mind, body + spirit. Next, exfoliate your skin with Natural Fiber Exfoliating Cloth + soothing botanical soap. Upon stepping out of the bath, feed your head-to-toe anti-aging goodness, BodyFood. Experience whole-body beauty + wellness. This is grace.

GraceBody includes full size:

1 lb DeadToLife salt therapy

TripleMilkCleo Botanical soap

Natural Fiber Exfoliating Wash Cloth


Stir stick

Hand Crafted Wooden Box branded with the words “grace be upon you.”

Additional information

Weight 50.75 oz
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 4.5 in