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Herbal Smudge Stick

hand made cleansing herb bundle


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Cleansing white sage and roses, twined together.

Start with an open heart and mind with the intention to welcome blessings. Open all the windows and doors in your home to allow air to circulate and negative energy to escape. Light one end of the sage, burn for a few seconds and then gently blow out to release a trail of smoke. Walk your space, saying prayers from your heart and asking God to bless your home and to remove old or negative energy. Ask God to send angels of protection and love to your space. You may also recite positive affirmations as you walk through you space with your smoking sage. White sage has the ability to cleanse the air, but it’s important to think of this practice as an outward expression of something that happens inside of you. Claiming your home or space as a place of positivity, safety and love. When finished, completely extinguish. Smudge your space as often as you have the desire.

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