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love your neighbor


your choice of soap + socks + lip treatment


real soap.



Bath, lips and socks! What more could you ask for?
Choose your favorite botanical soap and we will package it up and pair it with our lip treatment stick (Quench) and some cozy socks that read “if you can read this, bring me a glass of wine”. A perfect gift.

Our soaps are created from the most nutrient rich ingredients and possess amazing moisturizing + regenerative properties. Combine this with our raw cotton exfoliating wash cloth for a luxurious gift that anyone would savor.

Defender: A vegan soap inspired by the historical essential oil blend, 4 Thieves. Combat germs + illness with the power of organic: lemon, eucalyptus, clove, rosemary and cinnamon. Defender utilizes two natural earth clays to create ultimate cleansing.

BeGrounded: Both calming and uplifting. How can that be? The combination of earthy, calming oils + citrus leaves you feeling grounded and ready to face the day. A favorite for ladies and gets!

KingOfKings: Rich Frankincense and soft notes of myrrh, vanilla, + patchouli make this a complex all natural rendition of this holiday favorite.

SereneQueen: Smoothing and calming. Essential oil blend of sweet, floral chamomile, blended with Neroli + Petitgrain for a delightfully sweet and floral treat that’s not overpowering. We combine real ground chamomile flowers for a perfect herbal touch and light exfoliation. Absolutely calming + delightful.

SnootyBooty: Moisturize the skin + reduce redness and inflammation. Sophisticated rose + seductive sandalwood with leave you feeling nothing short of spoiled. With all these luxurious botanicals, just be careful you don’t turn into a snooty booty.

BlackMagic: This magical soap utilizes charcoal to deeply cleanse clogged pores all while awakening the senses. Invigorating peppermint notes with a hint of tea tree might have you dreaming of mint chocolate chip ice-cream or a peppermint patty. An all time favorite for men + women.

DreamSodaCream: Sweet summer orange + a touch of ylang ylang provides a beautiful combo of floral + citrus. Ground apricot seeds aid in exfoliation while organic aloe softens + smooth. This bar of goodness is nothing short of a dream, soda cream!

WoodStock: Earthy Patchouli + Geranium make for a very hippadee dippadeee do da that will have you spreading a message of unity and peace.

GoodVibes: Calling all lemongrass lovers! This bar blends lemongrass + other refreshing essential oils that are sure to make shower time a chance to enhance your mood and set your intentions. This is an uplifting and mood-boosting bar that will make you feel revitalized and ready for good vibes only!

SexyBeast: Loads of activated charcoal for maximum cleansing + detox. Cade, Fir Needle + Cedarwood essential oils make for a rugged, woodsy aroma that will leave you feeling all kinds of manly. That is, unless you are a women and which we don’t recommend this bar of soap. That is, unless your intention is to smell like a sexy beast.

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Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 3.5 × 3 × 1 in

SnootyBooty, Defender, BeGrounded, KingOfKings, BlackMagic, SereneQueen, DreamSodaCream, WoodStock, GoodVibes, SexyBeast

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Use soap with water. Avoid eyes.

  • *Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • *Raw Coconut Oil
  • *Castor Oil
  • *Cocoa Butter
  • *Sustainable Palm Oil
  • *Raw Shea Butter
  • *Milk
  • *Rice Milk
  • *Goat Milk
  • Dried Camomile Leaves
  • Alkanet Root Powder
  • Sodium Hydroxide

*Certified Organic

EECOCERT accepted preservative for certified organic cosmetics.

NNOP standards for use in organic production

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