My Sacred Journey of Gratitude and Where You Fit In

Nov 21 2015

I am a Pilgrim.

I don’t wear large gold buckles on my hat and shoes, but a┬ápilgrim, I am!

A pilgrim by definition is someone who has made a sacred journey.

So often people focus on the Pilgrims having a feast with a bunch of Indians instead of how a group of 100 people risked so much to come to a strange new place. They lived off the land and almost starved. If it weren’t for the guidance and generosity of the Native Americans, the Pilgrims probably would not have survived their endeavor.

This Thanksgiving, as I continue my own journey, I have special thanks for my Indians. My Indians come in many forms. Family, friends, teachers, animals, even strangers! They are anyone or anything who has contributed to my journey with Grace Green Beauty or my personal journey as an evolving human being. I did not choose some of my Indians, I chose others, and some were strategically placed in my life at a specific time to see me through a specific situation. All orchestrated by God, himself.

I am a pilgrim who truly appreciates each and every one of you.


Leading my (amazing) husband and me through this journey each day is our awesome God. My strength, my redeemer, my creator, my teacher, my GOD! I am awestruck every day about how God watches over me and blesses me with so much. His guidance I seek, and as I continue to grow in Faith, the guidance comes more and more natural. It’s hard to express the magnitude of my gratefulness. Nick and I are so fortunate to be able to walk this walk under Gods guidance as we share with our children all God has created.

Grace Green Beauty will donate 10% of all sales on December 1 to Hope House. Founded in 1989, Hope House is a 501 (c) 3 faith-based ministry serving homeless men, women and children in Butler, Warren and surrounding counties in Southwest Ohio. Much more than an emergency shelter, Hope House Mission provides comprehensive programs and services designed to promote long-term, sustainable life transformation. It has been highly successful in finding guests meaningful employment and permanent housing arrangements so that its return rate has dropped 61% over the past five years. In fact, according to recent stats, 44% of those who stayed at Hope House Mission moved to a positive housing arrangement, 19% of those who resided there for more than 10 days became employed, and 20 residents received their GED.

THIS is fantastic!

In the true spirit of Thanksgiving, will you visit our online store on December 1 so that we can contribute to this worthy ministry? Will you please share this opportunity to make a difference with your friends?

You will make this Pilgrim even more grateful!

let’s get this party started… make a purchase at www.gracegreenbeauty … post our site on social media and hashtag #givingtuesday #gratefulgrace #gracegives #thisisgrace

Peace, Love and GRACE,

tempal grace