Jump And The Net Will Appear | Grace Makes Headlines Twice In One Week

Sep 01 2015

Just a few short weeks ago, I took the leap into Grace Green Beauty full time. Walking away from the security, familiarity, and general ease of working behind the salon chair wasn’t an easy decision. In fact, to most people… it seemed a bit crazy. And it IS a bit crazy, but nothing worth anything comes easy. Crazy is good!

When taking risks, my mom has always told me “Tempal just take the leap… the net will appear”.

So… I took the leap.

Nothing solidifies our (Nick and I) decision to make this leap better than TWO local news stations featuring Grace Green Beauty within the first two weeks of our move. Take a minuite to celebrate with us! {{CHEERS}}

Grace Green Beauty on Local TV

I had a great morning sharing my products on live TV, Channel 19 News.

Grace Green Beauty on fox19 news (click here to view our segment)


A big thanks to WCPO Channel 9 for the wonderful article. Eileen Fritsch was a pleasure to meet and I thank her for her awesome article.

Grace Green Beauty Channel 9 (click here for the full article)


Peace, Love and GRACE,

tempal grace