Do You Know Someone Who Could Use A Blessing?

Jul 07 2016

Nominate someone for this months Gift Of Grace.


Hello everyone!
I am writing to extent a new opportunity that I think you will love!

Each month, I find great joy in blessing someone through a  special delivery of Grace Green Beauty.

Sometimes it’s someone that I know. Sometimes it is a random person that I notice. Sometimes it’s someone that I have heard about.
I’ve learned to listen to the spurs of my heart indicating who I should  extend Grace to (and I am not just talking about the wellness line).

It brings me great joy and also healing when I bless others.

I am extending this opportunity to you!

Do you know someone who could use a blessing?

Every month, please send your nominees to my personal email. I will choose one each month. This lucky person will receive a special delivery right to their front door. There will be no trace of who has sent this gift, just a simple note that assures them that they are loved.

This costs you nothing!

Before I ask you some questions about your nominee, I want to remind you of one thing!…

Grace isn’t always rainbows and roses.

Sometimes, showing Grace to someone means, showing favor to a person who might not deserve it. We all have someone(s) in our life who have wronged us. I challenge you to consider nominating that person who might not deserve it. If you aren’t ready to do that today, maybe some day in the future!

Let the fun begin! …

1. Who? Name and shipping address.
2. Why?  Why should this person be granted a beautiful gift of Grace?
3. What products do you think they might like?
4. Have they used GGB before?

If your nominee is chosen, we will let you know!

We will ask them to post their special package on social media channels so that you can see that they received but still remain anonymous.

Enter as many people as you wish each month.
Peace, Love and GRACE,

Tempal Grace Hitt